Facebook Hack Without PasswordSocial networks like Facebook want a additional proactive approach to countering ideology and hate speech than merely deleting extremist posts, the technical school giant’s head of policy aforementioned at SXSW on Sabbatum night. “Even if we have a tendency to were good at keeping violent ideology from ever touching our community and different technology corporations were good, we all know that alone isn’t enough to alter minds or stop the unfold of violent ideology,” aforementioned Monika Bickert, United Nations agency appeared on a panel titled Taking Back the Internet: Countering ideology. She conjointly aforementioned networks want what she referred to as counter-speech, a crowd-sourced response to ideology wherever posts area unit met with disagreement or derision. Facebook has partnered with the North American nation Department of mother country Security’s Countering Violent ideology Task Force and EdVenture Partners, associate analytics firm, to fund and scale campaigns against hate and ideology. The partnership, referred to as Peer to Peer: difficult ideology, invitations university students to style prototypes and digital media campaigns designed to alter the minds of individuals lured towards extremist teams like Isis and neo-Nazis. The partners used the SXSW panel to stipulate a number of the items they need learned since the program launched in 2015. See more facebook hack 2017

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