Casino luckycola Games. How Professional Black Jack Started.

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There are many legends about sportsmen who played luckycola as if they were professionals before the publication of the basic plan for the game of one package by the Americans Cantey, McDermott, Maisel and Baldwin in 1958. But all before they remains a myth. The four statisticians used only manual calculators to do their calculations. However, it was their paper published in the American Journal of the American Statistical Association that made gamblers and statisticians rejoice, blackjack was considered as a game that a gambler can win. Due to the popularity of the article in the magazine, which many players copied and learned by heart, the creators published the book “Winning Blackjack”. Nowadays, this book is a rare edition and it makes the library of many professional gamers. In 1962, Edward Thorp at the time used computer technology to calculate and publish in his book Beat The Dealer not only the basic strategy of the game but also card counting. Thorp says that blackjack is different from roulette, craps and other games of chance, the outcome of each hand in blackjack depends on the previous agreement –