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Lets talk comps–thats short for complimentary, or freebies that you earn from casinos lodibet casino online. Comps are a reward system for visiting a casino.

The following is an article I wrote with the intent that I wanted to approach the topic lodibet casino online of comps with an easy, fun read. My thesaurus was worn out while looking for words with comp in them. As you will see, I added a few new words to the English language.

COMPS or complementaries for rooms, food, beverages, and other goodies are a casinos compensation to the loyal player. However, the player has to earn them, and learn the rules of the Comp game. Just as you prepare before entering any casino, so too is a complete education part of your casino compbat training.

Slot Club lodibet casino online Cards are your entrance pass to Comp Heaven and table game players are included as casinos are patching you into the same rating system. Slot Club Cards now encompass all the games in the casino, and its Free!

Slots Clubs were started in Atlantic City where casino execs were very aware that quarter slot players could easily move next door to competing casinos. Some incentive to remain loyal to their casino was established.