How To Get Las Vegas Comps casinos lodibet

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In the old days, Las Vegas really took care of its players. That’s what you see in all the movies. My favorite take on the player was from the movies Swingers-you’re so money.

Unfortunately, today’s Las Vegas is a penny pinching corporate environment. It’s not enough to simply go and play. You’ll go unnoticed unless you’re dropping tens of thousands in one spot. Casinos casinos lodibet are huge places and no one in the Craps pit will know that you played $10,000 on video poker unless you do it right.

Your first step-before spending one dime in a casino-is to get a player’s card. I don’t know of one casino that doesn’t have one these days. You can get a player’s card from the redemption center. Just ask anyone that works for the casino and they’ll point the way.

A player’s card is basically a little credit card looking thing. They take all of your information (name, address, birth date, etc) and create an account for you. Once you have a player’s card all of your action is logged to that account. Aside from possible comps and bonuses casinos lodibet, these cards are great for tax time. You’ll be able to…