The Blackjack Terms Episode 4 lucky cola login

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We’re nearing completion in our Blackjack lucky cola login terms series. In our next to last series installment, we’ll go over some terms, such as “Money management,” “Paint” and “Push.” We start out with an important term, because it highlights how the Blackjack rules can be different from casino to casino.

Las Vegas Strip Rules – Las Vegas is split into two main gambling regions-Downtown and the Strip. The Strip has different Blackjack rules than Downtown. A major rule to check on before you play is whether the dealer must hit or stand on a soft 17.

Money Management – It’s no secret. Losing players rarely have any money management skills. Money management goes beyond just knowing how much money you have to play with. It involves knowing how much to bet and when. There are many money management systems out there.

Money Plays lucky cola login – A command barked out by a dealer when a player puts actual cash in the betting area.

Natural – When you’re dealt a Blackjack lucky cola login.

Paint – Want to see paint? If so, you’re asking for a face card. It’s called this, because face cards are..