What Is The UIGEA? lucky cola casino log in

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lucky cola casino log in

On a careful study of the UIGEA I have come to the conclusion that it is a very cleverly planned act, and very effective in its objective which supposedly is to wipe out internet gambling in the United States. Strangely however the US government seems to be ignoring its forty states that currently offer various types of lotteries. Perhaps one factor to be duly noted is that the U.S government makes a lot of money from these state lotteries.

It does not however make money from online gaming because most of the web casinos American players interact with are based offshore.

Overall this seems to be a rather hypocritical approach and we all wonder why the government cannot just tax internet gaming and make everyone happy.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act has brought about some serious changes within the few months of it being instituted. The UIGEA has caused severe set backs in the gaming industry cutting down on profit for many online casino websites and preventing US players from transacting with these sites and enjoying some real gaming action.

The results could have been seen the very next day when 6.5 billion was erased from the…

lucky cola casino log in